Think You’re Lazy? You May Have Aphantasia

Do others call you lazy? Are you sick and tired of always losing interest in everything so fast? You may have aphantasia.

Push and Pull Factors

Push factors are circumstances or conditions which motivates a person to do something, especially in one’s country, region, organization, religion, etc. An example can be a situation whereby one suffers discrimination at work and is desperate to change to a new work environment. That negative influence is a push factor.

On the other hand, pull factors can be the lure of something which is attractive. For example, the economy of another country, increase in income of another organization, or even something simple such as advertising, sales, discounts, promotional events and referral and loyalty-reward programs. Basically, the more compelling the pull factor, the more likely the recipient of the message will respond.

More often than not, people without aphantasia can be more easily influenced by pull factors and can be more easily motivated to do something. This is because they are able to ‘visualize’ and better ‘foresee’ the benefits of what is attractive and be ‘pulled’ to do something. Whereas certain people with aphantasia, such as me and some others who are unable to visualize no matter how hard we try, pull factors may only affect us for a limited amount of time and once our memory of it or the feeling it gives us is gone, we are no longer tempted by the initial pull factor.

Yes, people with aphantasia are more likely to be influenced by push factors because we lack effective pull factors that affects us.

That said, it does not mean that pull factors are completely unable to influence us at all. What we need is something to ‘remind’ us to do it. A conscious compensation strategy for you to find a way to get around the lack of pull factors.

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