The Value of Thanking Employees (Featured Image)

The Value of Thanking Your Employees (Inforgraphic)

Awards, recognition and praise might just be the single most cost effective way to maintain a happy productive workforce.

— Wall Street Journal

Motivating your employees can be the key to keeping your employees productive. But what’s the simplest, most cost effective way that every company – big or small – can start with?

In this simple infographic by Globoforce, you will see that appreciation and recognition can actually be major drivers of employee job satisfaction and happiness – even more important than an increase in pay or cash bonus. Keep them motivated and productive. Show your employees you care about them. And keep them happy, motivated, productive – and most importantly, loyal. :)

These are some of the key highlights of this infographic:

  • 78% of people would work harder in their jobs if they were recognized.
  • 60% of those who don’t feel appreciated are looking for a job. (Yikes!)
  • 80% of those feel appreciated are staying put.
  • Study after study shows that engaged employees are more productive employees, and high employee engagement is linked to better business results and more shareholder value.

Scroll down and read more in this interesting infographic on “The Value of Thanking Your Employees” ↓↓↓

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