How Major Companies Motivate Their Employees (Infographic)

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Motivating your employees can be the key to keeping your employees productive. But motivating them can be a real challenge; not only is it hard to know exactly what will make your employees happy but you have to decide which of their wishes you can realize. As their employer, you need to find the line between achieving the desires of your employees and keeping them productive in maintaining and growing your business.

You don’t need to build a climbable tree house like Mind Candy did for their employees, but finding out some ways to show your employees you care about them can be a good start. In this infographic by Next Generation Recruitment we take a look at the various perks offered by some of the biggest global companies – including Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Paddy Power, Diageo, Proctor and Gamble and Dropbox – to keep their employees happy, productive – and most importantly, loyal. :)

These are some of the summarized highlights on their study on motivating employees:

  • 57% of candidates say a company’s reputation as a great place to work is the most important consideration for a new job.
  • 7 out of 10 rated companies in Glassdoor’s 2014 Employees’ Choice Awards were tech companies.
  • Top 3 improvements that convince non-digital workers to change employers: opportunities for advancement, leadership from senior management and benefits and compensation.

Scroll down and read more in this interesting infographic on “How Major Companies Motivate Their Employees”  to get more useful advises. ↓↓↓

How Major Companies Motivate Their Employees

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