Want to motivate yourself to go on and on? Use the conscious compensation strategy

Being more easily affected by push factors doesn’t mean that pull factors are completely unable to influence us at all. What we need is something to ‘remind’ us to do it. A conscious compensation strategy for you to find a way to get around the lack of pull factors.

I go for pole gym classes at a studio, weekly. Each time after the one hour lesson, I feel so motivated to carry on. I can’t help to think that class is really fun and I am even willing train for the whole day despite how tired I may be. Sounds great, right? However, that’s probably just me being delusional. By the time when a week has passed after previous lesson, I don’t feel like going for the next class already. And here I am thinking: why do I lose interest in everything so fast?

Then when I drag myself over for class and train, I find it fun again, and I want more that I wouldn’t mind training for a whole day. And this (vicious) cycle goes on and on. And I’m so sick and tired of me being my lazy self:/

Sometimes, to figure out what’s best for yourself, you need to take a step back and reflect on what could be the reason of why you may be so lazy. There’s more to ‘personality’ than you think.

After knowing about aphantasia and through many reflections, I realized that it could be due to the fact that I’m unable to use my brain to ‘see’ how fun lesson will be. Whereas some people are able to visualize and imagine what they want to see, which motivates them effectively.

Yep, it’s aphantasia, bruh.

I’m not trying to use it as an excuse, but this can be one of the reasons to why I lose interest in everything so fast. I finally see how aphantasy is affecting me so much and I figured out how to compensate for my own blind spot: by watching pole dancing videos the day before to motivate myself to go back weekly.

And I must say, it works AMAZING.

This is basically called a conscious compensation strategy, whereby you find a way to get around the lack of “pull factor”. Be it picking up a new hobby, going for dance lessons, having a productive day at work or going to a party to meet interesting people…etc. If you think that you’ve lost interest in anything, watch a few videos about it and see if it spikes your interest again. The best thing about this simple compensation strategy is that it can apply to each and everyone of us, whether we are aphantasmic or not.

So when you go home and next time you don’t feel like going for class, you watch videos of others or yourself, and you will go, because something visual such as a video might trigger the feeling of “fun” that you had during class, which will bring you back to the place.

The best thing about this coping strategy? You can apply this to all aspects of life.

After knowing that my laziness and lack of motivation could be due to this instead of solely on ‘personality’, I definitely feel more willing to do stuff instead of procrastinating all the time.

If you would like to check out the Pole Studio I go to, it’s SLAP Dance Studio located at 155A/157A Telok Ayer Street, Singapore. My instructor is Jas and trust me, her classes are really, incredibly fun and enjoyable that I just can’t get enough. She’s a professional pole and exotic dancer and choreographer for over 8 years, was the founding member of Bobbi’s Pole Dance Studio Singapore, the world’s foremost Pole Dance studio from Australia and the creator of the annual Miss Pole Dance Australia competition. Not only that, Jas has also performed with independent dance companies and choreographers in Asia, and her performances include the inaugural Youth Olympics Games Opening 2010, the W!LD RICE annual fundraising gala 2009 and the Asian Pole Summit 2008. What more could you ask for from such an amazing instructor? She’s definitely one of the “pull factors” which motivates me to go back for more. :)

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